Petrotape main page

Petrotape is an adhesive tape and pipe wrapping manufacturer and distributor located in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Our range of products on offer can be found on our products page, but some of our main products are outlined below:

Petrolatum tape.

Petrolatum impregnated cloth tape is used as an anti corrosion pipe wrapping on buried and above ground pipes and pipelines. The product is simple to apply and requires no specialised equipment or skills. The tape is wrapped around the pipe in a spiral bandage form to create a water and air impermeable protective barrier that helps prevent corrosion of the steel pipe.

PVC tapes.

We are able to supply a wide range of PVC adhesive tapes, including PVC electrical insulation tape and PVC floor marking tapes. These are available in a variety of widths and colours and include some common use names such as joining tape, shutter tape, demarcation tape, lass tape and hazard tape.