Petrolatum pipe wrapping tape

Corrosion of steel pipelines, whether buried or above ground, is a major cost to pipeline owners. Leaks caused by corroded pipe walls and shortened lifespans for pipelines mean that anti corrosion measures are essential.

When it comes to small diameter pipes or piping with many bends, the Petrotape petrolatum cloth tape is an excellent option.

  • No capital or specialised equipment required. Instead it is usually hand applied.
  • Minimal (if any) training required and can be applied by unskilled labour.
  • Flexible material allows it to be wound around bends and pipe tees.
  • Small roll sizes allow for application of tape in cramped areas.
  • A decades old product with an established track record for working effectively.
  • Manufactured in South Africa so stocks and support readily available.

The tape is spirally wound around the pipe like a bandage, with each new spiral overlapping half the previous spiral. This results in an effective double layer of tape which is able to keep moisture in the air from reaching the surface of the steel pipe. This in turn helps prevent corrosion.

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