Tape wrapping for pipes, adhesive tapes and associated products

Electrical cable warning tape Scull and crossbone tape

Scull and Crossbone detector tape

Product name: Detecta tape

Product code: PT3370

Product description: A yellow non-adhesive plastic tape with a red scull and crossbone symbol and the message "Electrical Cable Below" written at intervals along the tape in red.

Other common names: Danger tape, warning tape, cable warning tape.

Product applications: The tape is buried a few feet above buried cables. The idea being that when the ground is being dug up again a while later, the digger will first come across the plastic tape with the warning written on it. This will prevent him digging further and running the risk of electrocuting himself or damaging the buried line.

Colours: Red writing on a yellow background.

Sizes: The standard size is 150mm x 500m.

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