Tape wrapping for pipes, adhesive tapes and associated products


Petrotape petrolatum tape can be used to protect steel pipes from corrosion.  

Features include:

  • Steel pipe protection against external corrosion
  • Simple to apply
  • No special machinery required
  • Suitable for buried and above ground pipes
  • Conformable around bends and tees

Petrotape is a petrolatum impregnated cloth tape that can be spirally  wrapped around steel pipes.  The tape forms an impermeable barrier between  the steel surface of the pipe and the external elements. Oxygen and water cannot  get through which means that the surface is protected from  corroding.

The tape requires no special skills or machinery to  apply.  As long as a few simple rules are applied, your pipe will remain  protected for many years.  The conformable cloth backing makes the tape  easy to use on small diameter pipes and on those awkward joins, bends and  tees.

More product  information.
Application method for  straight piping.
Application method  for couplings and flanges.
Associated  products.

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