Tape wrapping for pipes, adhesive tapes and associated products

Duct tape

Product name: Duct tape

Product code: PT3310

Product description: A plastic backed tape reinforced with a scrim cloth and with an aggressive adhesive.

Other common names: Ducting tape, Gaffer Tape.

Product applications: Duct tape is predominately used in the air conditioning and insulation industries to hold ducts and their coverings in  place, however this is one product that has over the years, simply developed  more and more applications because of its very good initial tack and  adhesion.  These include bundling and strapping down cables and wires so  that no one can trip over them, sealing enclosures, packaging, holding household  appliances in place, fixing household items that need to be held together again  - in fact it is now unusual for any household not to have a roll of Duct tape  close by.  To nicely summarise the wide use of Duct tape : In the movies  when they tie people up with tape and cover their mouths so that they can't call  for help ... thats Duct tape.

Colours: Black and silver.

Sizes: The standard size is 25m in length with the most common  width being 48mm.

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