Tape wrapping for pipes, adhesive tapes and associated products

Packaging tape

Product name: Packaging tape

Product code: PT3000

Product description: A BOPP (biaxially oriented poly propylene) plastic adhesive tape.

Other common names: Buff tape, clear tape, box tape

Product applications: Packaging tape is probably the most widely used of all adhesive tapes.  It is a plastic tape that is used to close and seal cardboard boxes and is commonly found in a clear colour or in a buff colour which matches the colour of brown cardboard. Due to its economical price, this product can also be used around the household to fix books or torn papers; to stick up posters; and in fact just about any utility  application that requires a low cost adhesive tape to hold objects together.

Colours: Buff and clear

Sizes: The standard size is 50m in length with the most common width being 48mm.

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