Tape wrapping for pipes, adhesive tapes and associated products

Low tack protection tape

Product name: Petrocote medium tack protection tape

Product code: PT1410, PT1461, PT1412, PT1462

Product description: A yellow plastic with a low tack adhesive that enables the product to be removed from most surfaces without leaving an adhesive residue.

Other common names: Low tack tape, protection tape, removable  tape.

Product applications: The tape is commonly applied to aluminium  window frames during or shortly  after manufacture. The tape the protects  the metal surface from damage, scratches and plaster spillage during storage,  transportation and installation on the construction site.  Once installed,  the tape is peeled off leaving the surface defect free.  Similarly the  product can be applied to other surfaces such as glass, pvc, stainless steel and  granite surfaces amongst others.  The tape can be cut to a width that  suites the customer's application.  Many factors (eg: temperature,  humidity, surface contaminates, application pressure,etc) affect the adhesion of  tapes to surfaces and we appeal to customers to test this product for their  particular application before large scale usage.  Petrotape also has the  facility to coat custom made adhesives to backings that are required for  specific and unique applications.  Kindly contact us directly should you  require more information on this service.

Colours: Yellow

Sizes: The standard size is 100m lengths with common widths  being  48mm, 72mm and 96mm, although others can be done too.

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