Tape wrapping for pipes, adhesive tapes and associated products

Flagging tape

Product name: Petro plastic non-adhesive flagging tape.

Product code: PT1330

Product description: A general purpose coloured polyethylene  plastic tape with no adhesive

Other common names: Plain barrier tape, marking tape.

Product applications: Used to mark out areas when some form of  colour coding is required. For example during geological surveys when different  terrains need to be marked out or during stocktake when certain areas need to be  cordoned off to prevent duplicate counts.  The tape is like a plastic  ribbon and is used in a similar fashion to barrier tape to cordon off the required area.

Colours: Black, blue, green, grey, orange, pink,  red, white, yellow.

Sizes: The standard size is 50m lengths with common widths  being 24mm, 30mm and 48mm. Other widths can be cut too.

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